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Updated: Apr 26, 2018

From what I can see dreams are not about the acquiring, the attachment, the real treasure, though a cliche, is hidden within the process and pursuit.

Like a dog, excitedly determined to find a bone, being authentic to the enthusiasm of a dream does seem important, even if for different reasons than likely expecting. Somewhere, in the fullness of this experiencing, is a learning about unlearning taking place... a letting go of everything that is not the dream... and as such an incredibly deep practice then gets to take place simultaneously.

This, for me looks like undoing the preconceived notions of everything that is not me.

Are we really here to find, or rather to become?

I presently do not know yet there is a saying....

“As the sun knows;even the sky is not the limit...” Rasheed Ogunlaru

So here's where I am at, on the journey, I write as a reminder to keep going.

I write for those times I forget... to let go... and am stranded in the dark,

When I am without stars, enthusiasm, or navigational bearing,

It is then I offer choice in the lostness

It is then that I say to the quest-i-on-ing,

Who are you if you are not the dog digging?

This is my reminder

That whether I have lost or found anything

We are all equal

Equally becoming.

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