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. . . S A C R E D   O B J E C T S . . .

This body of work is devoted to the ongoing exploration & evolution of interactive, handmade, ritual based objects.


Each work in this series is intended to serve as an unwavering personal companion. Art-ifacts that functionally stand as reminders before, during & after the rites of passage of life. Returning consciousness to every experience, as a choice point towards expanding or contracting our sacred inner relationship with what is. 

Whether these works are used in conjunction with an Altar work (see main page for more details) or simply as a unique & Personal gift each object is intended to bring a sense of the sacred into witnessing.

Artisan crafted quality in limited edition series. 

All are one of a kind.



All candle stock gathered for this series has been collected from natural windfalls and/or salvaged from the discarded remnants of local logging practices within the Pacific Northwest region of British Columbia.

No living tree has been cut down to create any of these works.

When possible all wood has been cut by hand and transported while on route to other activities within the region.

"Emotive" Candles...

These candle sticks are the main candle stock of this series.


Whether used as a transformative tool for individual rites of passage and/or as part of group ceremonial events these sacred wood candles often end up commemorating a milestone, as part of a workshop theme or part of any, more traditional, events (Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Etc).

Each is created with attention to craftsmanship & kept as utilitarian & cost effective as possible.

Cost Range: $20.00 - $25..00 (Singles) (Sets range in cost based on quantity & quality) 

"Madrona - Arbutus" - Integrity, Sustainability, Wisdom 

"Douglas Fir" - Abundance, Rebirth & Regeneration, Shadow Work

"Alder" - The Air Element, Connection with the Otherworld, Environmental & Land Healing, Invisibility & Concealment, Masculinity, Physical Healing, Protection

"Beech" - Healing Our Deepest Wounds, Sensitivity

"Branches of Study"...

Theme based, often one piece, stacking candles sets,

Higher quality wood than the Emotives,

Limited Edition Series,


Most are often ornate, multi-purpose candle sets & are more rare due to their extra level of attention in crafting & locating.

"Stick Stacks"...

Rare Wood, Stacking Candle Holders, Multi Functional, Lighter/Match Stick Holder, Incense Holder, Etc

Cost Range: (Set of 2) $42.00 - (Set of 5) $142.00

"Moon Sticks"...

Sets of Thirteen (13)

Honouring the 13 Lunar Cycles in a Solar Year & the Divine Sacred Feminine

Cost Range: $133.00 

"Family Tree" Sets...

Maiden, Mother, Crone Tealight Nesting Candlesticks Sets

Stag, Father, Sage Smudge Stick, Nesting Candlesticks Sets

All One Branch Stacking, Two or More High

Custom Sets Available... Initialing Optional 

Cost: $35.00 (Set of 2) & Up

"Eventive" Candles...

These series of Limited Edition &/or Event specific candles are often reverently harvested only on ( * or on either side of) certain Holi-days. Once the tree is found, it is stored separately & then carefully prepared (marked, dried over months, then crafted) each have specific conscious observances that are documented & adhered to for each noted event.

These candles are typically rare finds or the events they are used for are singular (once a year or once a lifetime).

Solstice (1 - 4)                 Hanukkah * (9)              Christmas  (3)                    Birth-Day (1) 

Equinox (1 - 4)                Shabbat *                          Day of the Dead *            Weddings (1)      

"Seasonals" (Special 4 Sets)

Collected only on Winter & Summer Solstice, Spring & Autumn Equinoxes

Each contains it's own hidden storage space for storing season & region specific objects.

Costs Range: $88.00 +

"Day of the Dead"

Two sided Candle Sticks,

Red - Commemorating Resiliency, the Living, that which is Alive +

Black - Commemorating a Passing, that which is no longer, that which wants letting go +

Typical Cost: $20.00

"One Tree"

Dark & the Light Candle Series, Tealight & Incense Holder Sticks

Double Sided Candles for Ritual Purposes

All cut from one single tree. Used to unite larger groups.

Limited edition & Special request series only.

"Bless-Sing Sticks"

Candle Holders &/or Incense Stick Holders with inner Incense stick storage

Sacred remains of the Temple of Bless-Sings

One of a Kind - Limited edition series.

"Named" Candles...

These candles are one of a kind works of natural & man made art.

Each is uniquely named after being birthed over long gestation processes.

Given their own 'Birth' certificates of authenticity for identification & insurance purposes the history of each is distinct, & as such, it's naming often is in reference to a specific parable, mythological story, a special occurrence being witnessed or for something being called forth in more modern times.


Each serves as a rite of passage.

Cost Range: $444.00 - $2,222.00


Horned Owl

Horned Owl


Humming Bird



Red Tailed Hawk





Gull (Male)

Gull (Female)


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