"A Love Story" is an interactive, mixed media, diorama sculpture.

This adaptable altar was designed as both an icon for romantic love as well as a practical guide to help navigate some of the hidden pitfalls. By looking at the dominant narratives within the learning curve of dualistic love the intent is to find a way to demonstrate and appreciate the hidden blessings of each comedic and tragic chapter.

Through five, simple, almost ceremonial rituals, each panel represents a different, sometimes hard won, milestone of coupling. Though laid out like a storybook from left to right this work is a non-linear reminder that love is an organic evolutionary commitment.


To remove oneself from the attachment to a perceived storyline often involves seeing our love stories from some bigger panoramic, over arching perspective . . . this is one such potential overview.

"A Love Story" is Part 2 in an ongoing series looking at what can best be described as a compendium of Love.

Part 1 : "A Life Story"  ( Self Love )

Part 2 : "A Love Story"  ( Couplehood )

Part 3 : "A Life Song"  ( Parenthood / Polyamory )

Part 4 : "A Love Song"  ( Tribe / Community )

Part 5 : "A Story"  ( Sentience / Species )

Part 6 : "A Song"  ( Is - ness)