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"A Love Story" is an interactive, mixed media, diorama sculpture.

This adaptable altar was designed as both an icon for romantic love
as well as a practical guide to help navigate some of the hidden pitfalls.

By looking at the dominant narratives within the learning curve of dualistic love 
the intent of this piece was to find a way to demonstrate and appreciate the hidden blessings
of each comedic and tragic chapter of every unique love story.

Through five, simple, almost ceremonial rituals each panel represents a different,
sometimes hard won, milestone of coupling.
Though laid out like a storybook from left to right
this work is a non-linear reminder that love is an organic evolutionary process
of ever changing re-commitments.

To remove oneself from the attachment to a perceived preferential storyline 
often involves seeing our love stories from some bigger panoramic, over arching perspective . . .
this piece is one such invitation..

"A Love Story" is Part 2 in an ongoing series looking at what can likely best be described as
a compendium of Love.












Part 1 : "A Life Story"  ( Self Love )

Part 2 : "A Love Story"  ( Couple-hood )

Love in all of it’s various story lines affects every life lived and yet with such a vast influence on our species how much ongoing daily, conscious, open minded practice and focus on it’s potential mastery
do we fully give it?


The sculpture presented is a mixed media, interactive, diorama directing attention toward,
not the idolization of monogamous Love,
but the reverent evolution, exploration, education and emboldened expression of it.

For Private use this work is designed as a single, stationary, installation 
acting as an ongoing ritualistic space
for the regenerative practice of renewing love.

The visual and physical narrative of the piece is solely focused on the bond between two individuals,
to deepen their sacred partnership
through what are the natural stages of love
as it cycles, both towards and apart from each other.

The hidden compartments are for individualization and personalization
making the piece itself an evolving work of art 
if any couple who uses it invests in it as something more than just a commodity. 


While using the “once upon a time” and “they lived happily ever after” script as bookends
the work seeks to disrupt such a belief systems into an organic, practical, interpersonal 
encyclopedia of knowledge
keeping the beauty of such stories alive as well.

this work pursues a perspective towards ally-ship
whether it be towards romantic love, the rocky stages, the co-dependant needs into an imaginable place that are only possible if both individuals must ride through for evolutionary understanding to occur. 

* *

Part 3 : "A Life Song"  ( Parenthood / Polyamory )

* * *

Part 4 : "A Love Song"  ( Tribe / Community )

* * *​ *

Part 5 : "A Story"  ( Sentience / Species )

* * *​ * *

Part 6 : "A Song"  ( Is - ness)

* * *​ * * *


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