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If you have an event in which interactive art is sought these works can be rented on a per diem basis.

. . . T H E   L I G H T H O U S E   P R O J E C T S . . .

The Lighthouse series explores the possibility of Unity
through analyzing the memories, stories and beliefs we hold 

Through interactivity and iconography
Each Lighthouse stands as a symbolic beacon 
investigating made up concepts that could, in essence, be anything that we collectively agree to.

By using LIGHT-hearted humour each work searches for a lowest common denominator and concept
that a majority of people can agree upon, that might create well being for all.
these Monoliths stand as containers for such thoughts to be pondered as manifestations into form.

Year after year, through audience interaction & feedback 
these works are adapted, added to and changed,
on site or off,

None are the same.


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