If you have an event in which interactive art is sought these works can be rented on a per diem basis.

. . . T H E   L I G H T H O U S E   P R O J E C T S . . .

Are there common beliefs that unite us?

Why do we believe what we do?

Where do beliefs originate?

How are beliefs changed?

The Lighthouse series are experiments to explore the possibility of Unity

Through interactivity and iconography

Each Lighthouse stands as a beacon investigating a particular concept

Exploring also what may lay beyond the light, into the shadows that lay beyond  it.


Using LIGHT-hearted humour each work looks for the lowest common denominator

Something utilitarian in nature

From there metaphorical functions arise and are turned into a type of icon, a symbol, towards supporting some conceptual ideal.


Year after year, through audience interaction & feedback, these works are adapted on site or off.