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Formally trained in Visual Arts and the Production of Fine Furniture 

Has resulted in a high degree of focus on interactivity within my Art. 

From the union of these two experiences

The body & structure of my art is defined.


As to the heart & mind behind the Artistry

A wide array of other studies ranging from

Psychology, Meditation, Shamanic Journey’s,

International Travels, Public Speaking, Dance, 

Counselling Programs & Consequent Practices.


Personal & Group Ceremonial Rites of Life & Death Passages 

Have been shared with a diverse range of unique Performances 

Within Visual Arts Based Installations, Burials, 

Constructive & Destructive, 

Time & Nature Influenced 

Creative Processes. 


Due to a deep desire for a healthier world & me 

The next level up is now about Collaborating.

Co-creating sacred evolutionary experiences 

Merging object, person & event is what guides me.

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